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Art Gallery

Fresh Harvest Cafe features original art work by local artists.  Artists representation is provided by the Kenneth B Gallery in old town Florence.

Sandra Lane

View beautiful fine art while dining at Fresh Harvest.  Currently, featured artist Sandra Lane's magnificent oil paintings are on display. Sandra is a professional designer and colorist who recently retired from managing Lane Interiors.  In this collection of Oregon landscapes, Sandra masterfully combines her knowledge of complimentary colors to create an eloquet sense of peace and tranquility in each painting.  Though she is relatively new to painting, her works can be found in private collections throughout Oregon. Sandra Lane has attended numerous art institutions, including the Sorbonne in Paris and Bassist Institute of Design in Portland.  

Timothy Creager

Explore the art of stipplism and take a visual tour of the Oregon coast with Timothy Creager's Lighthouse series post cards. These amazing drawings are beautifully reproduced by Sterling Editions.  Timothy also offers these images in limited-edition 5x7 inch formats. 

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